Compliant with international standards

Through our geology team we carefully select the highest quality slate deposits to mine or quarry, that suit the individual and diverse needs of our clients, then routinely laboratory test samples. All our slates meet the latest European BS EN 12326-1:2014 standard, also the older British BS680 1971: Part 2 and the American ASTM C120-90, C121-90 and C217-94 standard.

Laboratory testing

All quarries are subject to an initial investigation period to test and re-test the consistency of the material and colour. Tests are carried out regularly by the Laboratory of Material Engineering, China University of Geosciences in Beijing and also independent UK laboratories (currently this is Celtest, one of the UK’s leading slate laboratories). These tests are designed to assess if the slate products will withstand the most severe atmospheric circumstances. Test summaries are available on each product’s page

Quality control

Quality control is carried out at each stage of production. All slates are carefully selected, sorted, graded for thickness and separated into heavy duty wooden crates that are then individually numbered to identify the responsibility of each operator and supervisor and they can be tracked right up to customer delivery. A feedback and reward culture has been implemented from the beginning.

We have adopted the traditional European manufacturing methods. The managers and supervisors are of a high Western standard and the workers have been stringently trained in the importance of “right quality for the right application”.

Reliable supply

Using modern communication we are able to see product and quarry instantly via video link to China, our logistic systems allows us to adjust and select products according to market demand. We also hold substantial stocks in the UK and China to accommodate market changes.